For the past week I have been using a BlackBerry Tour 9630 and while this may not be the best portrayal of Research In Motion’s fabled “Smartphones” it’s all I had. I’ve been using Android since the Motorola Droid came out and I’ve been in love with the OS ever since, it’s intuitive, user friendly, and most importantly open (to a point).

For as long as I’ve been using Android I’ve seen many of my friends, family, and customers go with RIM’s BlackBerry devices in favor of Android and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why, so I decided to ask several friends and customers their opinions and never really got a straight answer. The responses I received more or less danced around my question leaving me without any REAL answers saying things like “Because it’s so easy to use” or “Because I can BBM teehee” and the like, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and investigate what makes these devices so popular amongst young teens, teenagers, and adults… boy was that a mistake!

So upon turning on the device I expect it to boot right up, maybe a ten second BlackBerry logo then some kind of boot animation and in 20 seconds or so I’d be ready to go!

NOT!… a trip to Walmart and an energy drink purchase later my phone finally booted up and was ready to use. I get it all set up and start messing around with it and immediately find an issue, the trackball sensitivity is unbearable (not as unbearable as digging through the seemingly endless menus). I had to turn it up to ninety to even make it mostly functional but then of course turning it up this high has its issues too, now it’s over sensitive… it was a lose, lose battle that I was going to have to accept.

This was only the beginning of my BlackBerry Blues, over the course of the week I just found myself hating the device and user interface with a burning fiery passion. There was nothing intuitive about it, is was clunky, sluggish, difficult to use, time consuming, and that’s just a start… I missed my touchscreen, my fast processor, and my incredible internet browsing experience. Even on 3G internet browsing with these things is a chore, there’s nothing easy or quick about it, it’s easily five times slower loading a web page than any Android device I’ve used…

My initial plan was to use the BlackBerry to learn about the OS and inform customers about them.I was going to hold onto it until a phone came out I wanted where as I’m eligible for an annual upgrade and CES has just passed meaning lots of promise with new smartphones launching this year on VZW. However after a week I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to switch back to an Android device, bearing with that BlackBerry for a week was more than I could handle I feel terrible for people who have used them for years. How can anyone choose to stick with a blatantly inferior mobile device when there are so many superior devices. You’d have to be blind, deaf, and mentally unstable to not realize how far into the stone age BlackBerries have fallen.

The only people I can see using these things are business professionals because if there is one thing BlackBerries trump Android devices on it’s e-mail and exchange accounts. So for people who need their emails the instant they are sent these devices are for them, or people looking for a phone to access Facebook and not pay an arm and a leg on data, anyone else looking to get a smartphone should probably get an android device.

Obviously this is just my opinion and mine alone, perhaps if I used a BlackBerry in the beginning I might be able to appreciate them still to this day but I haven’t and perhaps being spoiled by such pure genius has altered my opinion but with Android I am content and with Android I shall stay.


Dale Kimball,

Writer for Teknami.

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