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Every one at some point has run in to the problem of their lightly used Android phone or tablet either coming out from under a contract and thus replaced or simply left hanging out after switching carriers. This leaves you in the conundrum of having to figure out what to do with that device. You know it has value so you don’t want to throw it away but you don’t have a real use for it. Enter Swappa. Swappa is the online market place for guaranteed gently used Android cell phones and tablets.

You are probably wondering why you need another market place when things like craigslist, amazon marketplace and e-bay. Well the key here is that all Android devices on Swappa are guaranteed lightly used, having good ESNs and are ready to be activated. None of those other market places can make that claim. In addition none of those market places support the Android community the way Swappa does. Not only does it provide a great service for selling and buy specifically Android devices but if your device happens to be rooted and have the great open source Cyanogen Mod rom pre-installed Swappa makes a donation of $5 of the price back to the Cyanogen Mod open source project.

Of course all these claims about Swappa are great but on the Internet credibility is everything. Swappa most certainly has that. The afore mentioned link to the Cyanogen Mod open source project is certainly not it’s only claim to fame and credibility. The esteemed site Lifehacker had this to say about Swappa “All in all, it’s not unlike buying a used phone on eBay—only it takes about five seconds to find the right phone and buy it, with the knowledge that you’re getting a quality product in the mail.” You can find more kudos for Swappa on Swappa’s own site here. And if you aren’t content to take Swappa’s word for it they provide links to plenty of outside sources talking about them and the quality of Swappa’s service.

Throw in some other small features that really make the service shine. Like quick Facebook and OpenID login and profile creation, dead simple instructions for buying and selling and the knowledge that you are getting a good device at a great price. There really is no better way to buy or sell an Android based device, phone or tablet.

You can find Swappa:
On the Web:
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On twitter: @swappa

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