Apple Event… I mean iPad 2 Event

Well I have very little positive to tell about this event, I was totally under the impression that they would be covering OSX Lion and not one word was on it. They did however spend one hour on the iPad 2, a devices that in my eyes should have been released as the initial launch of the device. Cameras, Dual Core Chip, thinner and a better cover. Really? Thats what you dragged the media to your facilities for one hour for an iPad thats not anything better then what is out.

Look I know I’m a huge Android fan, however I think the iPad 2 is awesome for a tech device but Apple your really losing it. Apple you need be more innovative and push the limits again, this playing it safe crap is just that crap. The old Apple would have put rockets on it and let people upgrade then to bunnies for a minimal 99 cents through the iTunes Store. All joking aside Apple needs to quite playing it safe and take more opportunities to wow us again.

Not to mention all the pot shots that Jobs took on Android at the beginning of the event, really? Why cant we all get along, Android will have their open system and Apple can control their closed both great options. We are not children, or are we?

Source: TUAW Live Blog, Engadget

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  • Anonymous

    I think they did what they should have. They decided to do a few minor upgrades and really invest on the apps. There is a big statement to be made for the huge amount of utilization you can get out of the Apple iPad apps such as what you see in the music industry most prominently. Sure, to a geek maybe the specs aren’t on parr, but not many people were complaining about the performance of the iPad original, and the iPad 2 still got some big wows.

    I think we need to face the facts and realize that Apple has a big lead on useful apps, Android is doing very little to keep up in all these fields. Integrated solutions constantly go to the iPad because it has a uniform design for proper mounting and such. This is an aspect that Google is ignoring and they also are not doing enough to create extremely useful and awesome apps.

    Because when it really does come down to it, its all about the apps.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Xoom, but its easy to tell that it was rushed and even the original iPad has 1ups on it.