Apple’s Annoncement Tomorrow


So I’m a big android fan but at the same time I am a long time Apple user, I’ve read many post over the past few days about what they might announce at the apple event tomorrow. If indeed release OSX Lion from what I’ve seen I’m not too impressed with what is coming out of for Lion, yes there’s massive improvement to the speed and reliability of the operating system but making it look and act more like a mobile device really boggles my mind. I don’t know if they have a better user interface planned for the future but using the multi touch trackpad is nothing like using a full touch screen like the iPad or iPhone.

I’ve also heard a few rumors that they are not going to be supporting the earlier intel processor laptops that had been previously released. This is very upsetting to me it as I have just transferred from the G5 powerpc to a slightly older mac intel laptop (Macbook1,1 A1181) so I’m going to be someone upset if I now have to upgrade again to take advantage of new software from Apple!

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