First look: Intel AppUp The Netbook App Store

While mobile App stores are all the rage not to long ago Netbooks were the thing that was new and innovative. Leading that charge was Intel with their Atom line of processors touting reasonable speed, low cost and power savings that were unlike anything we had seen. While most things in a netbook are fairly standard the big difference is that the screen resolution is a little on the small side. This means that while web pages work well and most applications work ok there is still that hand full of applications that don’t work right due to the small screen size. Intel’s solution to make sure things work was to offer a market placed designed to deliver apps designed specifically for Netbooks.

Intel AppUp is an installable market place for Windows PCs with specifically Netbooks in mind. The application is split between the store and your downloaded apps. The store is further sub divided by categories along with a front page featured apps screen. One of the more interesting categories available in the app is the Intel Learning Series catagory. Full of all kinds of great learning apps including study material for SAT and ACT. Another unique and interesting feature of Intel AppUp is that it’s the only way to get Angry Birds on PC.

Angry Birds on PC

Angry Birds on PC via AppUp

At first glance pricing seems a bit high but after giving it some consideration the pricing is not all that out of line. It’s tough to adjust your thinking coming from the world of $0.99-$3 apps on the mobile markets for much of what is considered world class applications and then look at the same or similar apps on AppUp that are in the $3-$10 range. We seem pretty quick to forget that most applications and games on PC traditionally have been between $20 and $50. In that context the price range for the AppUp apps really isn’t bad. What we’ve seen from the store indicates that most apps have had plenty of time and care put in to them to give them polish and in the case of mobile apps turned desktop customized for the experience. Not all apps cost like most app stores there is a combination of free, free with ads and the usual pay apps.

AppUp might have been to little to late for the Netbook craze but it is still a valid source of quality apps for machines with restricted resources like older laptops and CULV(consumer ultra low voltage) portables. Or if you just want your Angry Birds fix on every device you own.

Intel AppUp
Angry Birds on PC

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  • Skippy

    Another app store? How long is it going to take before my watch has an app store.

    • Brock Hatfield

      If you wear a new ipod nano like a watch then itunes is all ready it!