Newbs Guide to Android Rooting and Roms – Part 1

First things first you need to know where to go to find help for your self. Usually these sources also act as the place to go for help when you don’t feel you can help your self any longer. These locations are filled with experts who donate their time to give you something for free, because they can and because they care. Don’t take this for granted when you communicate with them. That being said here are those places.



Biggest and best is probably XDA.

You can find a giant list of devices each with it’s own active sub community. Roms and software are usually found in the “development” sub forums. Be sure you use the search tool because some times solutions to problems are sub sets of larger or different problems. You’ll also get a negative reaction from most folks if you don’t say/show that you made a best effort to think for your self before posing your question.



Most comprehensive general forum seems to be Android Forums.

These forums seem to be slightly less focused on development and more on general usage. They do have their fair share of brilliant folks. Being less specifically development focused they seem to have support for a larger variety of devices.



Getting gradually less technical but still useful threads and information at Android Central’s forums.

Android Central is a pretty well respected Android news website and community. Their forums are less technical than the other two but they still have a great group of people willing to help and some good info to learn from.



Cyanogen Mod

Cyanogen Mod is a rom and a community of developers creating a standardized rom across multiple devices. Known for being smart, organized and helpful they house not only the roms but lots of information via their wiki pages.



Finally the Nook Color specific site Nook Devs.

This site is Nook specific but has some pretty clear concise and useful information and how-to on general Android things like using ADB. It’s also the place to go on information about rooting the Nook and Nook Color.

As always search for your self before posting on any of these resources. I use Google as my search engine of choice but be sure to use what ever search engine you prefer. A lot of people don’t know how to search effectively. One search may not be sufficient to find the information you are after.  Search engines are machines and as such do not understand natural language very well so it helps to break it down for them. Remove any connecting words like “and, or, the, a” and then try multiple searches using the keywords you are left with in different orders. Also think like a thesaurus and swap out some of your words for other similar words. Not every one says things the same way when they post online. Failing a true attempt at finding the information for your self then go a head and post your question or problem.

More parts of this guide are coming soon. We’ll get in to the structure of Android, common tools and set you up to fend for your self. Keep an eye out for part 2. Coming soon!

Read Part 2 ====>

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