New high-powered Nintendo console rumored to be launched at E3 2011

Today, Game Informer published an article claiming multiple sources have confirmed that Nintendo plans on releasing a new console. This console would apparently be more powerful than the current generation of consoles and would have a release date of 2012. The move to a more powerful console comes from the lack of good third-party titles for the Wii, forcing Nintendo to create the games worth playing, whereas their competitors rely almost 100% on third-party titles. The new HD system would allow most games to be ported over fairly easily, instead of having to convert the game to SD specifically for the system, which is the case now with the Wii.

But, is it too early for a new console? Both Sony and Microsoft have said that they don’t plan on releasing a new console until at least 2015, when the consoles they have out now will be a decade old, only be kept alive by new firmware update and slimmer models. In my opinion, the plan that Nintendo’s competitors have for them is perfect…for them. The thing is, the Wii is basically at the end of its life now, game makers reached the limits to the Wii’s power a long time ago, whereas they are just now reaching the limits with other consoles. If Nintendo waits until 2015 to launch a new console that only matches the Xbox and PS3 in terms of power, it’ll be obsolete before it’s even in the hands of developers; leaving Nintendo in the situation its in today.

So, if a new Nintendo console is released in 2012, will you buy it?

Game Informer

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