On VZW? Plan on Going With a One Year Contract? Fat Chance…

As we all know recently Verizon Wireless has been the bearer of insurmountable bad news, no more annual upgrades, new warranty policies which make it nearly impossible to get a replacement device without having to pay for it, and anything else you can pretty much think of over the past month. Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse it has… an anonymous tipster dropped us this image this morning and a lot of you are going to be very, very mad…

Personally for me this is a last straw… unacceptable. Not only can we not have annual upgrades but we can no longer sign one year contracts? I’m glad that I managed to get into a one year before this absurd ruling fell down upon us. If you guys want a new phone and want to be able to get it at a discounted rate and still be able to get a new phone in ten months you have 10 DAYS! I can’t stress this enough guys, this is real, this is happening if you want a new phone with a one year stop hesitating and waiting for the Bionic, the Thunderbolt is a fantastic device and one that can hold you down until 10 months is up and a phone you can be satisfied with for two years will probably be out.

As for me in one year I think I’m kissing big red goodbye. That’s all folks.

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  • http://twitter.com/SkippyTrollYou Skippy

    I said it today over twitter… By 2015 it’ll be 3 years minimum! AT&T starts it, and Verizon quietly copies it 6 months later.