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Until recently I have been an HTC user. Way back before smartphones were really popular I owned a T-Mobile MDA, which was made by HTC. After having this phone for about a week, I’ve been having second thoughts about owning a Samsung phone. HTC has always made solid phones and very attractive phones that push the limits of their hardware.

Screen 7.5 / 10

Definitely the first thing you notice is the beautiful 4.3 inch screen. I currently have a 4.0 inch screen on my phone right now andhave always felt that that was the limit, after using the Verizon Droid X. The difference between the Droid X and this phone is that the droid exes around the 16 x 10 aspect ratio and this is closer to a 16 x 9. I think when it comes to the touchscreen enabled devices  you are not always going to be watching movies on it so having 16 x 10 aspect ratio is not always beneficial for a touch surface. There are no size issues with this phone in your hand, unless you just have the smallest hands in the world.

Another thing I was worried about with this size screen was the screen looking washed out like the HTC  Evo 4G does. This is absolutely not the case with this phone, it is super bright and really beautiful!

User Experience – 8.5 / 10

Like all HTC phones that have HTC sense UI, this phone does a beautiful job utilizing the latest version of Sense. I personally have always been a fan of Vanilla Android however this version of the HTC sense has a lot to offer with different profile switching and more of an “espresso” type look, if that’s what you prefer.  the operating system definitely feel like it’s a true native OS not that it’s been skinned and maybe slowed down a bit by doing this to the UI.

4G LTE – 10 / 10

I would have to say that in all the features this phone has to offer this is by far the killer feature. The first thing I did when I open this thing up is downloaded speedtest.net’s Android app and proceeded to do a speed test, and to my amazement I was blown away with the results. I was averaging on download 11.5 Mb per second and upload 15.75 Mb per second, if you don’t know what this means my home broadband cable network averages about 10 Mb per second download and  5 Mb per second upload, Which would make this phone faster than my home wired Internet. So if you want lightning fast Internet with next to zero delay this is the phone to rule all phones.

Battery – 4 / 10

I have to say this is the only part that this phone lacked in. I would unplug the phone at nine o’clock in the morning and it would generally be out of juice by 2:30pm with heavy use. I personally don’t mind carrying a charger with me and charging it as I needed however I think a phone should definitely last at least lease 10 hours. I did however hear that there is a trick that you turn off the 4G modem through a special key combination in your dialer it dramatically increases the phones battery life. I did not try this so I can account for how it works in real life situation. But who wants to turn off the killer feature of their phone and not be able to utilize.

Conclusion – 30 / 40

This is a beautiful phone inside and out, you should definitely get it but just buy and extra battery with, it’s totally worth it. I have had my eye on Verizon wireless for some time now I really think they have the business model to take mobile phones to a new level and with this new 4G LTE technology they definitely changed the market.


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