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Hello everyone I’m Ian Schwartz (creator of, and along with Tyler Flanders we want to talk about another project we are about to go into public beta called “theapk”          (The A-P-K).

We took a cold hard look at the Android community and how we interact on these “Forum” site and realized there had to be a way better way of providing these amazing ROMs without have all the gunk of a forum to deal with and maintain. A place were developers have an easy and fast space to get their content to their followers of their work, this is where theapk comes in. We have built from the ground up a full content management system (CMS) with the downloaders and developers in mind.

What is theapk?

the apk is a fully community-driven custom Android ROM database with 100% free hosting of ROMs for developers. We feel that their time, blood, sweat and maybe even tears should be honored so 10% of all donations we receive from our supporters will go directly to the hard-working developers that upload their work with us.


As you will read below we feel that the developers work crazy hard for free and they deserve our respect, gratitude and some cash. So with our model we will be getting donation subscriptions and 10% will go right to the devs that are using our site and getting downloads. Another thing these other site is a well put together push notification system so that their followers will be able ro know exactly when an update to their favorite ROM is posted or their favorite developer has created a new wonderful ROM Wait there is more… Full statistics and analytic for their posts/ROMs allowing for tracking of downloads, page views and error logs And we are constantly adding in features as we move along!

Developer / Themer / Modder Account

    • 10% of all donations subscriptions to our site will go right into your account! (based on percentage of user downloads
    • These accounts will be verified to ensure that the ROMs listed in our database are from the original developer
    • We have built a state-of-the-art CMS (Content Management System) back-end for developers to easily upload and manage their ROMs in our database
    • We are offering two options for downloading ROMs. The developer can either host on their server and link to it, or we will host it for them free of charge
    • We are offering 100% free and no-waiting download links, as well as no mirror sites!
    • Analytic and Statsitics tracking system built-in to each ROM/Post
    • Push Email Notifications to your downoaders to update them on new updates to your ROM or new ROMs
    • Public Rating System: rating your ROMs on Looks, Performance & Battery Life
    • RSS Integration for your downloaders to easly track you with their favorite RSS Reader

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