Nokia’s Symbian “Anna” Update To Arrive in August

Following the Nokia Connection event in Singapore, the Finnish company announced its plans to release the newest Symbian software update, under the name Symbian Anna. Nokia also revealed its plans to start shipping Nokies N8’s, E7’s, C7’s and C6-01’s with the improved Symbian OS in July. Users who already have compatible devices will be able to update their versions as early as August.

Far from simply abandoning this operating system in favor of Windows-based software, Nokia said it plans to launch 10 new smartphones within 12 months, all based on Qt (slightly enriched C++ language), and all sporting Symbian^3.

The new Anna operating system will have several enhancements, one of the most anticipated of them being the split screen view while typing, helping users see their message thread. The OS also included a virtual portrait QWERTY keyboard for easy and fast one handed typing, and a upgrade to the web browser, making it faster, easier to use and easier to navigate through.

The standard Nokia map application, Ovi Maps, has also been updated, displaying simpler and faster search methods, updates on transportation routes as well as check-in ability to Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter and other social networks. Moreover, you an even share places via e-mail or SMS, even with friends that do not have Nokia phones.

Intranet users will notice that this version of Symbian will have greater support for intranet-based operations, featuring easier and more secure access to those who wish to utilize their company intranet. Email enhancements such as meeting request and business grade security upgrade, sporting hardware accelerated encryption, instant messaging through Microsoft Communicator Mobile, all will assist and benefit business-related users.

While the Anna will indeed provide a much needed upgrade, it seems as though Nokia is very indecisive in regards to operating systems, randomly churning out phones with Symbian, Meego and soon Windows, thus creating unnecessary compatibility issues as well as confusion. Nokia, please, pick one and stick with it.





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