Google Plus or Minus


So as you might have heard there is a new tool on the block to collaborate with your circles of friend or coworkers that was created by Google. However do we really know what this thing is, or how if can help us, or why we would even need/use something like this? Well lets break it down to the nitty gritty that is Google Plus.

Before we can go any further we need to establish who and what kind of people designed this tool. Google has been around for a long time in tech talk and from what I have observed in their practices that have sort of a shotgun blast method of doing things. What this means is that they create tons of different projects with the thought that about 75% of them can and most likely will fail. Leaving the other 25% to take over the net in almost cult like fashion. Some of the duds in the past can include Google Wave, Buzz, Catalog, X, Web Accelerator, Video Player, Answers, Audio Ads, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Notebook and Page Creator just to name a few of the most resent.
But every now and then they strike solid gold.

I keep think to myself, “Do we really need another social platform?”.That answer I found is yes. The web is constantly evolving and competition is good for business. It keep companies that have a grasp on their space on theirs toes and forcing them to stay creative innovative. Also just because some is the leader doing something doesn’t mean there isn’t a better and faster way of doing that same thing.

No it gets fun, lets break down what Google+ is:

It uses other things that google has created and brings them all to the for front in harmony. Services like:

  • Google Profiles
  • Google Search
  • and this new feature the +1 button.
  • The internals of Google+ has several different sections:

  • Circles: This is a way to share different information with set groups of people with common interests, avoiding sending info to users that might not was to see whatever it is.
  • Huddles: Form what I understand this is like group calling and messaging, an easier way to get everyone on a team or a group of friends on the same page about whatever you want to talk about.
  • Hangouts: These are like group video sharing for either your some or all of your circles, thus allowing you to be available to only the people you see fit.
  • Sparks: This is essentially a suggestion engine that finds interesting Web items based on your likes and interests.
  • Instant Uploads: This is a feature where if you upload any picture or video its securely stored for you to be able to share with your various circles of your choosing.

All in all I think this could be a game changer in the world of social media and social sharing. Hopefully since people are starting to use this like crazy and seem to adopting it at their own. Social media has been a super hot topic the past year and a half, however there has been much chatter that the social bubble is about to pop.


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