Facebook Events Changes to “Interested?”

Today was officially announced that Facebook would be changing how people react to event invites. THis is something that I have thought was long overdue.  The old way gave you three options: “Going”, “Maybe” and “Cant’t Go”. Seemed straight forward and easy, however it was a bit confusing due to if you wanted to follow the wall of the event, like posts and pictures, you were not able to see anything after clicking “Can’t Go” right off the bat

This new system should better suit may people when it comes to the event invite. I personally like the idea and hope it will bring better results to the amount of people that want to or will attend events posted on the social site.


I was lucky enough to have caught the transition between the two styles with a screenshot from the mobile app on Android. (Pictured above). The first is a close up of the two styles and the other this a full screenshot from my device.

Share your thoughts in the comment, do you “Like” or “Dislike”?


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